Meet Superus Health


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide patients comfort and healing through access to world-class medical care and hospitality services.

About Us

Superus Health is dedicated to facilitating access to premier American healthcare providers for Chinese and other international clients seeking medical treatment abroad. We specialize in turn key concierge medical tourism services and partner with global medical tourism agencies and insurance providers who wish to send their patients to the U.S. By working with us, our partners can focus on what they do best and leave the specialized services in the U.S. to us in a very cost effective way.

Our end-to-end support and concierge services ensure that every patient’s needs are met from the moment they consider treatment abroad to post treatment care back home. Superus works with hospitals and doctors who specialize in cardiovascular, cancer, neurology, and orthopedics, etc. Our services range from providing virtual second opinions to full-service international medical care. These services provide options beyond those covered by traditional medical insurance and are ideal for individuals that have the means and desire to seek treatment overseas in a comfortable and personalized manner.