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Second Opinion

Uncertainty comes soon after any diagnosis. A second opinion can relieve some of those feelings when it is received from physician practicing at a trusted world-class institution. Our second opinion services allow patients to confirm their diagnosis and evaluate alternative treatment options with experts in their fields. This service can be requested on its own or become the first step in receiving medical care in the United States.

Medical Record Translation

Whether receiving a second opinion or applying to receive your care abroad, our hospital partners require that medical records be translated to English. We have the capabilities to ensure that this translation is done accurately and that your information is handled securely when being provided to our U.S. based medical providers.

Appointment Setting

Appointments are required for many steps during the initiation and provision of care. Our service specialists work with you and the hospital to coordinate the scheduling of appointments throughout your treatment.

Travel and Accommodations

By choosing Superus Health our clients ensure that the logistics of traveling will never cross their mind. We work with our clients to create the service experience they need and desire while traveling for their care; most services can even be facilitated by an individual fluent in the client’s native language. With the ability to secure living accommodations, daily transportation, as well as home health and companion services, Superus allows you to travel with ease of mind.  The level of each of these services can be built into your hospitality package based on your predetermined budget and preferences.

Visa Application

Our international travel experts understand how the process works and ensure that our clients’ applications are completed properly for timely issuance.

Home Health/Companion Service

We carefully select  certified home health and hospice agencies in order to pair individuals with well trained, Chinese speaking professionals for assistance with daily living needs, in addition to providing companionship.

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